Skinceuticals® Hydrating B5 Gel

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SkinCeuticals® Hydrating B5 gel uses Vitamin B5 and Hylauronic acid, to induce tissue repair, while replenishing many of the nutrients the skin needs to feel smooth and appear younger. Hylauronic acid is capable of holding 1000x its weight in water, meaning that when applied to the skin, the cells will appear moisturized and plump. Therefore, individuals who enjoy the feeling of a light serum, or those who do not find regular moisturizing enough will strongly benefit from this product. Hydrating B5 Gel also smoothes the skin and works wonderfully as a primer for makeup. Hydrating B5 Gel is extremely well suited for acne prone skin as it is non-comedogenic and will help the skin to retain moisture without feeling heavy or clogging pores.

ICLS TIP: Try this product if you want to hydrate without a cream based moisturizer!