Ducray® Creastim Reactiv

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The CREASTIM strengthening lotion is a hair care product recommended in the case of reactive loss of hair density following pregnancy, major stress or due to fatigue or the change of season

Usable by Pregnant women - Young mothers - Adults - People undergoing anti-cancer treatment or post-treatment

• Its innovative formula acts on the hair roots and on the quality of the keratin of the hair fibre.
• Its anti-loss of hair volume effectiveness is clinically proven from the first month of use¹
• TRAPEPTIDE boosts resistance* and combined with CREATINE, helps to preserve hair strength and vitality*
• The VITAMIN B5, B6 and B8 complex strengthens the hair structure
• Loss of hair volume and density is slowed down, hair is revitalized* and appears denser
• Apply to the scalp three times a week for two months
• Suitable for pregnant women (from the 2nd trimester onwards) or breastfeeding women and for people undergoing cancer treatment
• Tested under dermatological control


Clinically proven anti-loss of hair volume effectiveness from the first month¹.
84% perceived anti-loss of hair volume effectiveness in the first month of use²


• HELPS slow down loss of hair volume
• STRENGTHENS the hair
• DENSIFIES and enhances hair